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SmartCAT Blog Augmented translation powers up language services A guest post on augmented translation and the coming disruptive. Any number of translators and editors can work on the same project simultaneously with real-time terminology and TM updates. SmartCAT enables both of these, as a platform offering localization management and workflow transparency seamlessly combined with a translation environment for language professionals. Method Not Allowed .. SmartCAT Release 58 Caracas: website widget, LSP marketplace, and more! Were excited about every new release of SmarCAT, but . Method Not Allowed .. Increase quality by 30% or more Automatic quality assurance covers over 20 types of errors and flags potential terminology issues.

The support team has been great as well. When you read a document translated with the help of SmartCAT, the document may be so smooth and consistent that it reads like the work of one person, even though it is actually the result of team collaboration, carefully organized and assisted by SmartCAT. 526 San Francisco, CA 94102 . Method Not Allowed .. Enterprise-grade security is ensured at all times. Method Not Allowed .. Start now. 10 main challenges of video game localization A few Thursdays back wegave a webinar on video game localization,.

And for translation of PDFs, SmartCAT is simply peerless. The risk of human error is minimized and verification takes just a fraction of the time. Among the features in SmartCAT, I appreciate the online monitoring of all translation stages as well as the time savings. I can view the progress of our translations, organize collaborative projects and access stats and metrics for each freelancer all in one place, which is awesome! HotelTonight Expanding into new markets has been a very big lean in for us. Learning SmartCAT takes under an hour. Find a perfect linguist for your project Over 70,000 native translators and editors available when you need them most Find your freelancer . In addition, the platform provides the latest CAT tools and ensures complete transparency for every project.

NetCracker SmartCAT gives me access to a team of translators whom I trust and who know the voice and writing style were looking for at HotelTonight. Sergey Saveliev Freelance translator (Russia) What made me immediately fall in love with SmartCAT is its simplicity. Over 50,000 language professionals have already signed up with us! Supercharged collaboration Translate large documents with tight deadlines, while maintaining quality and consistency. Automate your translation and project management State-of-the-art CAT with robust translation management functionality. Full project awareness Monitor project completion in real time. Nothing superfluous, but everything you need is right there. Is that a lot or little? Life just got a whole lot easier for freelance translators Translation of written text is one of the few areas where computers still have a lot of space for improvement compared to humans.

Business process integration Easy, flexible integration via our API automates the transfer of files for translation from the corporate systems you already have (CMS, ECM, EDM, SVN, and more). Statistics and performance metrics help to analyze the productivity of in-house and freelance translation providers. My search for a free CAT tool of this caliber, and especially one that works in the cloud, has been a long one. Sign up Invalid email Start now. Also I wanted to note the rapid and excellent technical support (for when we've had questions). Contacts SECURITY Blog Freelancers: Sign Up as a Freelancer General information SmartCAT for freelancers How to use SmartCAT Translator job Freelancer jobs Companies: Sign Up a Company General information How to use SmartCAT Sitemap Webinar Translator Database Terms of Service Follow us: Copyright SmartCAT Platform Inc. Smarter. The wait is finally over! Suleiman Murtaza Freelance translator (Turkey) SmartCAT made it possible to set up an efficient workflow making use of all the latest technologies. SmartCAT Features Server or cloud? You choose: SmartCAT is available in both server and cloud versions. 0fe9572dea
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